River gravel crusher machine is currently producing a very common application of mechanical equipment, the production is a big advantage in the production process of wear parts for Shanghai river gravel crusher can not be ignored, these wearable pieces For normal operation of the production plays a very important role in the proper maintenance is usually very important. Once the maintenance is not good, it is necessary to affect the overall performance of the device, while the river gravel crusher model number, the wear parts in the end how to fix it? River gravel crusher wear parts in fact there are many, including liners, spindles, etc., although the performance of these wear parts are great, but once the work of a long time, it is subjected to excessive work intensity will lead to varying degrees of wear and tear, and therefore timely repair is very necessary. During the repair time first need to consider is the use of sophisticated technology or manufacturing process and the mechanical properties of simple technology, and Shanghai, the main river gravel crusher, accuracy has a great relationship, but also to consider whether the temperature cause deformation or change device properties wearable pieces of equipment and so on.

Second, in the river gravel crusher to Shanghai wearing parts to repair when parts need to consider whether the device can stand this repair method, the use of repair tool will not cause deformation of equipment or wear parts other changes. In particular, need to know some basic common sense, such as cast iron materials when not in the repair of cast iron welding methods can be used, once the improper operation will cause cracks to repair river gravel crusher bring more trouble. In addition, on the river gravel crusher for repair, you must first understand the impact of equipment performance and wear parts for specific use of the environment and the temperature and the like. At the same time all the maintenance personnel should pay attention to the repair layer mechanical strength and abrasion resistance itself according to the requirements of various environmental factors, the repair time to a reasonable choice of repair technology and tools, so as to ensure the Shanghai river gravel crusher The perfect repair. River gravel crusher models are varied, in the course of the work may appear in a variety of wear or damage, so to understand the basis for equipment repair and reasonable means of selection of repair Shanghai river gravel crusher repair, so that it can resume production as soon as possible.

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